Top 12 Places to Live… & Buy a Home (Livability Index 2021) has composed a list of the Top 100 Places to Live in America for the past 8 years based on surveys, studies, and adjust algorithms and new variables to pinpoint the new number one position. Due to the pandemic, the world has experienced a new way of work, which has deeply impacted how people view their home life. These new, more flexible rules have raised questions, where do I want to live if I work remotely? Can I afford my dream town?

Over 1,000 small to mid sized cities have been analyzed based on “factors like safety, affordability, economic stability, outdoor recreation, accessibility, community engagement.” When asked, these were what was important to 42% of Americans who have moved since March 2020 or considered moving.

Want to move to Buy in Colorado, Nevada, California or Arizona?


On the list of 100, a total of 12 cities in California, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona, where SnapFi has helped thousands of first time homebuyers achieve the dream of home ownership, were ranked.  If you’re looking for a nationally ranked new town in one of these 4 states, here’s the list:

#1. Roseville, CA (8)
#2. Colorado Springs, CO (9)
#3. Chandler, AZ (29)
#4. Aurora, CO (36)
#5. Reno, NV (41)
#6 Fort Collins, CO (42)
#7. Woodland, CA (55)
#8. Oxnard, CA (68)
#9. Scottsdale, AZ (80)
#10. Riverside, CA (82)
#11. Henderson, NV (83)
#12. Longmont, CO (92)

Click on each city for more details. The number in parenthesis is each city’s ranking on the  full list of 100 Top Places.

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Do you have a favority city that’s missing? Comment below.


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