78% of homeowners have made THIS mistake in the last year

13.7 million homeowners should refinance and save right now.

Of 1,300 owners recently surveyed:

  • 78% hadn’t refinanced
  • Of those who did, 29% saved $300-$500/mo
  • 1 in 5 saved $500+/mo

After a year of historic low rates, you must secure a low rate NOW!

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As inflationary pressure builds, inventory stays dry, rates continue to stay at historic lows (around 3%), and construction of new homes slows down… there’s no crash in sight.

Even though mortgage rates have slowly gone up, they remain attractive for most home owners and buyers. The refinancing window is still open.

Let us crunch some numbers, see if it makes sense for you to buy or refinance now:

Lock a low rate
Save money overtime
Pay your mortgage down
Lower your monthly payment
Cash some money out

Let us Crunch Numbers

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