Best Places to Retire in 2021…in Arizona

When you think of your life post-career, where do you see yourself? Renting an apartment in a busy city? Running a family farm in the remote country side? Purchasing a new condo near family? In an attempt to find the best locations to retire in every state, Forbes (2018) decided to locate the absolute best in all of the country.

It may be shocking, or expected that not a single California town was on this list of top 25 out of 800 explored retirement destinations, however TWO towns in Arizona made the list.

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“Forbes compared nearly 800 locales in America, on everything from housing costs and taxes to healthcare, air quality and climate change and natural hazard risk. These are the top 25 cities for retirees.” William P. Barrett introduces the towns, explaining what the criteria was to earn a high placed position. These towns are listed in alphabetical order, rather than following a ranking.

  • Green Valley, AZ 
    • Population: 32.0k
    • Median Home Price: $229,000
    • Cost of Living: 91

Green Valley is a typical desert town south of Tucson in the Santa Cruz River Valley. Median home price is 30% lower than national median, and cost of living is 9% below national average, making it a home for many retirement communities.


  • Sun City, AZ
    • Population: 40.0K
    • Median Home Price: $240,000
    • Cost of Living: 95

Sun City is an age-restricted Phoenix suburb built on a former ghost town. It is currently the home of 40,000 physically active retirees. Median home price is  27% below national median and cost of living 5% below national average.


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Source: Forbes, all data collected May 2021.

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