Nevada 12 month Home Value Appreciation During Covid-19

Since COVID-19, there has been an average of 9.87% increase in home value in the state of Nevada. We have accumulated the top 12 cities in Nevada with most appreciation from March 2020 to March 2021. Although there are some cities with a greater increase included on the list, we have selected cities with at least a 10,000 person population.

Add this unprecedented home value increases to the fact that we have super low rates in history, and now may be a good time to consider home refinancing.

If YOU OWN a home, cashing out some of that equity gain for other purposes may be a wise decision… when else can you borrow from yourself at record-breaking low rates?  Get a quick rate quote here.


City County March 2021 Typical Home Value Home Value Appreciation During Covid Estimated Population
Reno Washoe $467,964 14.72% 246,500
Sun Valley Washoe $351,670 14.22% 21,159
Sparks Washoe $422,827 14.17%% 100,589
Carson City Carson City $383,165 11.35% 54,773
Mesquite Clark $310,909 11.11% 18,446
Boulder City Clark $366,961 10.98% 15,840
Fernley Lyon $309,861 9.91% 20,068
North Las Vegas Clark $302,313 9.16% 241,369
Henderson Clark $379,314 8.92% 300,116
Las Vegas Clark $319,165 8.84% 634,773
Pahrump Nye $258,506 7.14% 37,298
Spring Creek Elko $295,311 5.38% 13,671


Should you cash out or refinance at this time? It all comes down to dollars and cents.
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