Colorado 12 month Home Value Appreciation During Covid-19

Since COVID-19, there has been an average of 10.84% increase in home value in the state of Colorado. We have accumulated the top 12 cities in Colorado with most appreciation from March 2020 to March 2021. Although there are some cities with a greater increase included on the list, we have selected cities with at least a 10,000 person population.

Add this unprecedented home value increases to the fact that we have super low rates in history, and now may be a good time to consider home refinancing.

If YOU OWN a home, cashing out some of that equity gain for other purposes may be a wise decision… when else can you borrow from yourself at record-breaking low rates?  Get a quick rate quote here.


City County March 2021 Typical Home Value Home Value Appreciation During Covid Estimated Population
Fountain El Paso $345,086 18.67% 29,784
Mesa Mesa $392,135 18.58% 154,210
Colorado Springs El Paso $386,683 15.61% 464,871
Wheat Ridge Jefferson $548,086 15.37% 31,331
Pueblo Pueblo $232,526 15.32% 110,841
Berkley Adams $455,054 14.72% 11,879
Columbine Jefferson $543,382 14.21% 25,332
Arvada Jefferson $529,727 14.14% 118,746
Golden Jefferson $704,879 13.74% 20,693
Welby Adams $378,923 13.56% 16,018
Sherrelwood Adams $401,480 13.43% 19,208
Lakewood Jefferson $510,786 13.26% 155,146


Should you cash out or refinance at this time? It all comes down to dollars and cents.
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