5 Curb Appeal Ideas For Your Home

First impressions are important! Which is why curb appeal — or how attractive your home looks to buyers from the moment they see it from the street — is something you should consider when selling your home. Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to take on some simple DIY landscaping design projects that can give your home’s exterior an update.

Here are 5 curb appeal ideas for you to try:

1️⃣ Painting your front door a fun color can add so much brightness to the exterior of your home. To keep the focus on the attention-grabbing entrance, keep the area around your bold door simple with neutral accents and unobtrusive greenery.
2️⃣ Installing a light above your front door will up the nighttime curb appeal of your home. Vintage or otherwise interesting looking fixtures will also look great during the daylight hours, too.
3️⃣ If your street-facing patio/porch/window needs more privacy, use potted plants or trees to cover your desired area.
4️⃣ Make your entryway more welcoming by installing a front path.
5️⃣ Upgrade your mailbox. Whether yours is by the driveway or mounted to your house, adding a new and updated version could establish an eye-catching detail.

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