How and Where to Dispute a Fraudulend Credit Pull

Credit fraud is one of the most prevalent indicators of identity theft in the US.  Because the impact of your credit in your daily life is real, you must actively take care of it. Therefore, stay alert and manage any potential issues with your credit.

If you suspect that your credit report has been accessed without your permission, we strongly suggest to contact all 3 Credit Bureaus immediately.

Why is it Important to Stay on Top of Your Credit Scores?

Credit bureaus offer free educational scores either directly through their websites / apps or your online banking systems.  In addition, other apps such as CreditKarma, Credit Sesame, or Credit Wise allow you you track one or multiple consumer credit scores at once.  Consumer credit scores are not the scores your lender will use.  These free consumer scores tend to show higher results than your REAL credit scores. FICO® Scores are used by most reputable mortgage lenders. To make things more complex, there are also several FICO scores that consider multiple factors.

When & Why Contact the Credit Bureaus

Credit bureaus collect information from credit providers such as banks, credit card issuers, lenders, and other consumer products such as mobile phones, cable operators, and medical institutions.

  1. If you suspect that some information has been reported incorrectly. Call the credit bureaus immediately to correct the erroneously reported information.
  2. If your credit has been impacted dramatically without apparent reason. Check what has changed in your report and approach the bureaus if incorrect.
  3.  If you suspect a company has conducted a credit score check on your behalf without your permission. Many credit companies currently monitor your credit scores in order to provide appropriate products and manage risk of consumers. Contact the credit bureau immediately.
  4. If suspect that your identity has been stolen. We strongly recommend to Freeze your credit. This means to now allow any institution to monitor or check your credit unless you Unfreeze it temporarily.

Credit Bureaus’ Contact Information

To get in touch with one of the three major credit bureaus, use the links and contact information below.  Submit disputes and fix errors on your credit reports by contacting each bureau independently:



TransUnion – (800) 916-8800


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