Kiddie Condo Loan Program for College Students

Buying your first home is a big commitment. With a Kiddie Condo Loan parents can help their young adult children purchase a condo, townhome, single family or multi-unit home to live in while attending college.

Learn the benefits and requirements for this type of loan below.


  • Help your college student work towards homeownership instead of paying rent
  • Rent out rooms to help pay for mortgage
  • Opportunity to build good credit
  • Only 3.5% down required for rental property (typically 20% down)
  • Low interest rates & fees
  • Tax benefits for parents

FHA Requirements:

  • One of the borrowers is required to live in the property as their primary residence (college student or family member)
  • 3.5% downpayment
  • Properties with up to four units
  • Mortgage Insurance

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