Don’t Buy a Home on Butt Ave: The Impact of a Funny Street Name on Home Value

Turns out, houses on funny street names are worth considerably less than properties found on streets with normal names.

A research conducted by Victorian high school students alongside staff from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the University of Sydney and a Melbourne real estate agent.

The study found that:

  • Properties on streets with eyebrow-raising names sold for around 20% less than those located on neighboring streets,
  • One third of respondents would not want to live on a street with a funny name,
  • The “silly name effect” was more prevalent in the capital city suburbs than in regional areas
  • Price discrepancies were greater in lower-priced properties than more expensive ones

Real estate expert Nicole Jacobs said home buyers may use this to their advantage.  While some would eliminate a perfect home located on a street with a humorous name, a savvy buyer could see it as an opportunity for a great:

“If you find your dream home on a street with a funny name, you’re not going to eliminate it. I certainly wouldn’t eliminate a good home based on the street name, but people are funny.”

We agree! Maybe a way to get a deal, combined with recent low interest rates… you may be in luck to find and purchase a nice home at a discount.

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