Rapid Bay Area Supercommuters: a tale of a housing and transportation crisis

A “Supercommuter” is defined as someone who spends 90+ mins in transportation each way to get to/from work.

The rapid growth in Bay Area Supercommuters tells a story of economic prosperity juxtaposed with public transportation ineficiencias and housing affordability collapse.

A recent study by Apartment List highlighted by the local newspaper The Mercury News shows increases in supercommuter population in practically every county across the Bay Area.

Worst of all: Alameda count with +127%, Contra Costa county with +102%, and Santa Clara county with +85%

More info: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/09/11/supercommuting-is-not-just-for-central-valley-dwellers-map-shows-growth-in-bay-area-commutes/

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