Top 5 U.S. Metros for Affordable Housing

No, not those in the picture. Those are the most expensive housing markets based on the annual salary needed to buy you an average priced home in those metro areas.

So how much house will your salary buy you? KUSI News, San Diego reported earlier this week on housing affordability in the Top 50 US Metro areas based on recent research published by

The 4 least affordable U.S. Metros are California cities which is no surprise. San Jose ranked #1, with a salary of $254,000 needed to buy a home in the area.

A $5,000/month mortgage payment may be completely out of the question for many first time homebuyers. The good news is there are several other desirable US Metro markets that are more affordable.

5 MOST AFFORDABLE 5 US Metros Served by SnapFi

Not ready to trade city living for country bumpkin status…well there are many US metropolitan areas that still have affordable housing options.  SnapFi works hard to find our customers affordable options, including in cities such as Denver, Sacramento, Riverside, San Bernadino, Las Vegas and Phoenix, which have so much to offer without the high price tag.

FIND HOMES in these and other affordable markets:




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