8 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Parents’ Nest (and Buy Your Own Home)

With inexperience and student loans hanging over your head, moving back in with your parents can seem like the most logical and cost-effective step after college. You’ll save money and have a little time to learn how to survive before actually having to venture out into the real world on your own.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to become stuck in a rut and end up staying much longer than originally anticipated. If you’re fast approaching your 30th birthday and still living with Mom and Dad, here are a few telltale signs it’s time to officially fly the nest and buy a home of your own.

You’re tired of the third degree.

Where have you been? Why did you come home so late? Who were you with? What time will you be home? Your parents are only asking because they care, but if you’re tired of being grilled about your schedule on a daily basis, it’s probably best for everyone if you move on to your own place.

You’re still sleeping in a twin bed.

When you were 12? Cool. At 25? Not so much. Being relegated to one room in your parents’ home severely limits the amount of space you have, which means smaller furniture and less flexibility to make it your own. If you’re in your mid-twenties and still rocking your favorite rock band’s bedspread, the time has come to spread your wings and fly.

The market timing is right.

If you’re on the fence about whether to move out, the current market conditions could be enough to help you make a decision. For instance, right now it’s cheaper to buy a new home than to rent an apartment or condo, and interest rates are at an all-time low.  If home ownership is in your future, this might be the right time to jump in and make your move.  Now could be the time to start building your own wealth to secure your future.

Your love life is suffering.

Nothing kills the mood quite like telling that guy or girl you’re trying to impress that you still live with your folks. Even if your parents are cool with you bringing your significant other home, it can still be pretty awkward and uncomfortable. If you’re looking to up your dating game, transitioning to your own home is strongly recommended.

You’ve been able to save.

The beauty of living at home a little longer is that it gives you the chance to save up some money. There may not be another time in your life when you’ll have this opportunity, which means now is likely the best time to consider using your nest egg to purchase your own home. Even if you don’t have the typical 20% down you may have been told you need!

Your commute sucks.

You’ve landed that awesome new job which is, unfortunately, located on the other side of town. If you’re spending more time in traffic than in the office or relaxing at home, the logical solution would be to relocate to somewhere closer. And if you’re really serious about your career, settling down into your own home just makes sense.

Your parents keep dropping hints.

Your Mom and Dad love you. That doesn’t mean they want you to live under their roof for the rest of your adult life. If you’ve noticed that your parents have been dropping subtle (or not so subtle) hints, like circling listings and offering to help you pack, the time has come.  

You’ve hit (or past) the big 3-0.

We’re not going to sugar coat things for you. If you’re 30+ years old, you’re a grown up. In fact, your younger siblings have probably already moved out and your friends are off starting their own families. It’s time for you to become responsible adult, and that means getting your own place and paying your way. It might not be easy, but it’s something everyone goes through. And trust us – the freedom will be well worth it.

Can you relate to any of these things? It’s time to take that first step and find out what your options are.  Even if you don’t have the typical 20% down you may have been told you need!  SnapFi can answer your questions and help you figure out what solution makes the most sense for you (even if it’s not home ownership). Get in touch today to get started.

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