We’ve Been Busy Renovating: Plaza Loans is Now SnapFi

The SnapFi team has been busy upgrading an updating. From now on, Plaza Loans will be known as SnapFi: the UNbank Mortgage Lender.

Many people ask why change, why now. And the answer is quite simple:

  • The mortgage industry has changed,
  • Our customers’ needs have evolved,
  • Mortgage programs are constantly in flux, and now more than ever.

This created an environment where large mortgage outfitters with generic loan products reign. Banks and online mortgage outlets dominate a market where the customers is never first, and the home buyers seem to be getting the short end of the stick with their cookie-cutter approach to mortgage products.

This is where SnapFi’s Mortgage Advisors are different: they are resourceful and consultative, and will not rest until the right mortgage solution is designed for your specific needs.

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There is one thing that has not changed: our relentless commitment to advancing home ownership one dream at a time.

Starting today, Plaza Loans is now SnapFi, and we invite you, our customers and partners, to join us in uncomplicating mortgages.

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