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The mortgage industry has become a race-to-the-bottom, no-value-add, rate flinging collection of mega advertisers with mostly generic solutions (30 or 15-year fix conforming or jumbo loans).

In a world of generic home financing solutions, first time home buyers and home owners alike are feeling like their needs are not being met. They are not being taken care of. How about your specific needs? Your family wants? Your financial situation? Your goals? Work/life considerations… and many more factors that are as critical (and in many cases more important than) the rate, terms, and cost of a mortgage.

Let’s face it, getting a mortgage is just in the way of your main goal: buying a home. So let’s make the process easy and enjoyable… yes! ENJOYABLE.

Meet SnapFi: The UNbank Mortgage Lender

We are proud to be the first mortgage company whose primary goal is to UNCOMPLICATE YOUR MORTGAGE. We relentlessly work to make things simple for you.  Doesn’t it feel like banks mostly put barriers in front of you? While alternative lenders just treat you like just another generic borrower?  We are not like the banks… or those generic online lenders. We get to know you, we find the right solution, we make it work for you, from beginning to end.

A Clearer Focus on the Home Ownership Dream

SnapFi is launched with a renewed focus on making home ownership possible for everyone. Our mission has not changed, yet our origination and loan processing technology, customer focus, and marketing & sales chops have evolved to make us more effective and efficient leading force in the California mortgage industry.

We Uncomplicate Your Mortgage

and this is how we do it:

Want to explore personalized mortgage options? Our mortgage advisors can help.

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